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"When All other forms of communications fail, Amateur Radio will get through!"

Mobile Amateur Radio Club, Inc.  W4IAX

MEMBERSHIP INFORMATION (PAYPAL is currently unavailable..please mail payments  and applications)

New members and membership renewals can be done safely and easily online. All you need is a credit card, a bank account, or your own PayPal account to use the free service. You will not be charged an extra fee, and W4IAX will process your membership. The treasurer now has a credit card reader which allows us to pay with a credit card at the meetings. All new members must fill out an application and be approved to join. Associate members must fill out the application but do not need to be voted in. To pay any membership amount, go HERE and enter the appropriate amount. This address can also be used to make a donation of any amount to MARC. (Note: You may not be returned to our website upon completion of payment.) Please leave a comment so we will know how your payment is to be applied. Also, you cannot pay for more than one person (more than one transaction using the same credit card) within a 30 day period. Payments may also be mailed to - Mobile Amateur Radio Club, P.O. Box 81791, Mobile, AL 36689.  (Please write clearly as these are scanned and forwarded to our newsletter editor, and be sure to date the application as eligibility to hold office is determined by how long you have been a member)

Mobile Amateur Radio Club Dues Proration Schedule New Members Only (late renewals are not prorated). A service to those joining after the first quarter, as all renewals are due in January (delinquent after the March meeting) regardless of when you joined. To pay a prorated amount, go HERE and enter the appropriate amount. This address can also be used to make a donation of any amount to MARC.

Application Dates




January 1 to March 31




April 1 to June 30  




July 1 to September 30 




October 1 to December 31




Student:  Full time students only; Family Members living under the same roof; Associate (may not vote or hold office) Unlicensed members, also used for those living in the area part-time, or who do not wish to attend meetings.

Lifetime Membership:  Dues are $500, payable over a consecutive 12 month period. (If the total amount is not paid within 12 months of initiating payment, ANY/ALL payments made will be forfeited.)

New Members: Fill out a membership form, then click on your membership level below to pay yearly dues.

(Former members who have allowed their membership to lapse more than a year, please fill out a membership form to insure that we have your current information.)

Membership Form in PDF (print & bring to meeting, scan and email : w4iax@arrl.net, or send by US mail)

Membership Form in RTF (download and save to your computer, fill out, and email : w4iax@arrl.net )


Last Updated: April 10, 2021